About Sun Dog

 Born and raised in Australia, at 21 I decided to explore the world and set off on my own with a backpack and not much else. Countries and years later, I found myself on the East Coast of the United States wondering what to do next. What could I do that incorporated my love of travel and let me earn a living?  It seemed that of the places I had visited, lived and loved, Asia had captured my spirit, constantly beckoning my return.  So it was, that Sun Dog was born.  Living on a very seasonal, coastal barrier island it seemed perfect. I could travel the winters searching for beautiful goods whilst at the same time appeasing my appetite for travel.

That was 1998.  Eighteen years later Sun Dog is still bringing light and color into people's homes, offices, yoga studio's and lives. My focus from day one was to create a space people of all ages and genders could come into and feel a little peace, a little comfort, and invited.  Not only are we selling beautiful goods but we're finding friends amongst our ever-growing customers.  

All of Sun Dog's goods are from Bali-Indonesia, Thailand and India where we scour the streets in search of something new. Where we survive crazy markets, hang on for dear life in rickshaw rides, say hello to a cow or two, meet people from all walks of life and enjoy (just about) every single moment.

Gorgeous textiles are discovered, beautiful silver & stone jewelry, so many finds all handmade from people at the source. Tailors work one on one, jewelers create beautiful, original designs and, of course, the exquisite handwork of India, my personal favorite.

It's been and continues to be, an amazing journey.

Take some slow time to wander through our online store.  If you're in the area, please stop in to the store and say hi!

 Enjoy. Namaste.




Here I am with Putu. One of our favorite tailors in Bali:)