Yin Yang Lotus Batik Wall Hanging


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The yin yang represents the complementary forces that work together to form a system greater than the forces by themselves. Also depicted in this artwork is the system of the sun and the moon; light and darkness working together. The lotus flower represents purity and enlightenment.

This wall hanging was handmade in Bali, Indonesia using the Batik process, a wax-resist dyeing technique. Each piece is completely unique and may have slight color variations and imperfections due to the hand dyeing process.

-Pink Multi
-100% Rayon
-5'7" L x 3'9"W
-Made in Bali                  
-Item # WHB06

-Wash separately in cold water    
-Hand wash/Delicate machine  
-Hang to dry/Tumble dry low heat/Low iron

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